Artistfakta: Olle Strandberg. Kompani: Cirkus Cirkör.
Fotograf: Mattias Edwall


”I nuet växer tiden. Samtidigt som jag kastar en boll hinner jag analyserar föregående kast och förbereda nästa”

”Det är inte att fånga som är det primära, det är hur du kastar. Det perfekta kastet går alltid att fånga.”
”När jag jonglerar går jag in i mig själv, blir ett med universum men är samtidigt totalt här och nu.” 
”Ett jongleringsnummer är 15 år av självcensur”. 
Lindansare om närvaro:
“We are not taking risks. It just is what it is. Either you are on the wire or on the ground and you know, that’s not really a risk. That’s just what happens. Both of them. Neither of them are really… the person on the front row turn their head maybe when you did that jump or they didn’t, but.. It’s something that’s alive. It keeps going. I think whenever you add other people, it changes how time reacts. I’ve had some times on stage when… Sometimes when you fall it will go in slowmotion. An ultra ultra ultra slow motion. And you hit the ground and you’re lying on the ground and you’re thinking, Oh, I really don’t want to get up. And then you’re thinking, I have to get up or the public is going to start to get worried. And then another three or four minutes go by and you think Oh, they’re going to bring out the ambulance, it’s going to be a big thing, I have to get up, I really don’t want to get up. Then you crawl back up on to the wire to do it again. Then you watch it on video afterwards and you hit the floor, you go boom, you jump and lalalalala! It’s a different relationship with the universe when you’ve got other people involved. How you’re thinking about the rest of the world, reacting to you. If you were by yourself you’d take your time. You’d stand up slowly, you’d go AO, AO, AO. If somebody’s watching you and you do your own thing.”