Social calling

Following the road taken by the predecessors of the new circus in the 1970’s, certain performers already see their art as the shaping of a message, an idea, or even a thesis. From this point of view, they share with colleagues of other artistic disciplines the idea that art must play a social or political role.
This ambition can lend itself to very diverse aesthetic visions. Some are “relational”, like that of the clown Proserpine going to meet inhabitants of a land in order to “make links here”.
Others play with the distance between the stage and the house to relate with the audience members regarding the injustice of unemployment (Base 11/19), the difficulties of hyper-competitiveness (100% croissance), the ever-present media (Zapptime # remix), or disease (Dèversoir)..
The “extraordinary” skills of the circus artists are put to use to amplify and distinguish, with the power of authenticity, the calling to which they are so committed.