Outer circus

The art of the circus is in mixing. It is a multimedia genre, like the opera or the cinema. By first juxtaposing the circus arts and music, it has created a new hotchpotch of disciplines within the last thirty years of the 20th century.
At present, each speciality mixes equally with theatre (especially silent theatre) and dance, and has increasingly come to mix with previously unfamiliar means of expression, such as video, cinema, puppetry, and the visual and digital arts.
A growing number of choreographers and directors have, in parallel, begun crossbreeding their own creations with the circus. This process has lead to shows that are “out-of-the-norm”, and defy all classification. However, some performers, like Christophe Huysman, do not hesitate to simply classify them as circus. Others prefer to call these shows visual theatre, while some object to using the word circus, without denying their origins in the circus arts.
Together, they create an outer circus, which could also be called outer dance, or outer theatre, depending on one´s point of view.