Tomi Purovaara

As we established CIRKO Center for New Circus association in 2002 we defined some key elements on the overall development we wanted to make in the field of contemporary circus in Finland. Since there was hardly anything written on the issue in our own language we decided to start a publishing project. At that time I studied in the Helsinki University so it was natural for me to start to write myself. My master´s thesis was the first academic text within the subject that was published in Finnish. For that I had to pay to a translator to have some main French texts to be translated for me. All the sources I could find were French.

So, for us it was the start of a process: how to propose the words and a written history to a new art form in our country. After that we have published some more books. For example in 2005 we translated one of the French key books to Finnish. We published Avantgarde cirque! by Jean-Michel Guy as a “small red book”. We called it a tool for a circus revolution: information is indeed a strong weapon!

The New Nordic Circus Network, established by partners from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden had a same kind of goal when we decided to translate my first book in English. Added with new articles from each Nordic country we wanted to put this art form on the cultural map in Nordic countries. To propose the words and the history of the artists of contemporary circus here in Nord. Let the artistic and cultural revolution continue here!